Alex Davies                                 
n. an aquatic animal that traps and removes food particles from a current of water passing through its body. Join Carassius Auratus for a delightful excursion as it swims through oceans of atmospheric sound. Navigating through waves of sound the fish generates a turbulent symphony.Filter Feeder is a multi-channel installation in which textures, dynamics and motion of both sound and video are controlled by a fish. The creature navigates through the electromagnetic spectrum drawing fragments of sound into the physical environment. Spectral Drift: The atmosphere is inhabited by not only a cacophony of audible sound but also a dense stratum of radio frequencies that endlessly transmit sonic content. As the fish drifts through its aquatic environment it also swims through the frequency spectrum. Sonic content and visual imagery are subsequently positioned in the space and manipulated in relation to the creature's activities. In a similar manner to a filter feeder, the fish consumes audible frequencies as they pass by, creating an ocean of spatialised sound. Scanning the air waves, fragments of media, conversations, atmospheric noise and static are all absorbed. The mundane nature of the common goldfish in a bowl belies its considerable control over the surrounding environment. In the work, the fish's activity controls numerous environmental parameters including the position of sounds in 3 dimensional space, the live acquisition of sounds plucked from the radio spectrum, real time manipulation of video content via color gradients, compositing and generated acoustic spectral visualization. The creature's activities create a physical space that is continually in a dynamic state of change.
Swarm presents individuals with an evolving audio visual environment in which the audience themselves are drawn in as fragments in an ever changing mediascape. The work focuses on the dynamics of the live surrounding environment as a basis for subsequent acquisition and manipulation of data. Individuals are tracked as they move within the space and are subsequently sucked into the image plane. The behaviour of the increasing database of phantoms shifts from swarms of activity to lingering solitary movements. Sounds swell and recede in unison with the ebb and flow of the imagescape. Although individuals only inhabit the physical space for a transient period, their presence echos temporally as they re-appear in the environment as neurotic shifting fragments in space.